Hello Out There!

I started my year long sabbatical from life as I was living it on March 7th 2019. The plan was to volunteer with horses out yonder, far far away from the now boring confines of the riding school in London, England and spark some of that joy that I so readily experienced while riding out in Mongolia or Kazakhstan. Travelling from volunteer gig to volunteer gig, and being immersed in different horse cultures just seemed like icing on the cake. Backpack, riding kit, a budget, travel insurance, and my enthusiasm – what else could I possible need, right?

Well I’m five and a half months into my quasi adventure to figure some things out about myself in this nutty world, and it has certainly been a trip and a half. Ups and downs like you wouldn’t believe – revelations about myself and my life, the making and breaking of friendships, reconnecting with past loves, cultural clashes and seamless transitions, and of course, riding some amazing horses in some pretty amazing (and not so amazing) places.

To find out a bit more about myself and why I decided to pack up and everything and leave click on my About Me page. To find out what the past few months have been like and to follow me on this adventure click away on the posts. I hope you find some aspect of my documenting this journey rewarding, and I’d love to hear from you with stories of your own.

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3 thoughts on “Hello Out There!

  1. Hello dear friend, grateful that you started this blog of yours to share your hreat adventure. Now I too had a chance to learn and experience the way of your living through reading your sharing. Though I may not physically exist in those places…I’ve yet had a great imagination that can bring me there with your sharing….thank you thank you thank you…for the time and effort….see you soon..KAWAN! 안녕!

    1. I’m glad, kawan !! I miss you so much !! Can’t wait to go hiking with you, plan our Trans-Siberian adventure, have our long talks in person rather than over dodgy internet connections, and to share that cheesecake I’ve been dreaming about haha 🙂

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